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A fun and quirky 'unipug' tote bag to take on your daily travels.

'Always be yourself, unless you can be a unipug, then always be a unipug'

It's important to always be yourself. But when a unicorn is an option, morphed with an adorable pug, its a win win situation.

Anyone can benefit from a little dose of unicorn. Now they can have their dose all day long with this fabulous unipug tote bag!

Unipug: 50% Pug, 50% Unicorn, 100% Awesome - designed by The Little Picture Company, this magical unipug reminds us that anything is possible - all you have to do is believe!

A sturdy heavy canvas tote - perfect for taking out to the supermarket but stylish enough to take out anywhere. Perfect as a motivational, encouragement, birthday or graduation gift - Anyone can benefit from a little dose of unicorn!

For all the unicorn lovers out there - keep believing.

Heavy Duty Canvas ( 270 gsm ) - 100% Cotton

36 cms x 39 cms