The Vegan guide to compassion.

Featuring a vegan twist on an all too familiar 'animal parts' chart. Instead of the usual animal segments, we have filled our image with emotions that all animals experience including love, happiness, freedom and cuddles.

Personalised with their name, this is a perfect gift for any proud vegan that wants to make a statement while going about their day to day life.

Especially perfect for packing away all of your animal friendly items while doing your weekly shop!

A sturdy heavy canvas tote - perfect for taking out to the supermarket but stylish enough to take out anywhere. 

A perfect birthday, Christmas or anytime gift.This makes for a great Christmas, Birthday or anytime gift!

**We are collaborating with LaVidaVegan on this brand new and exciting Vegan collection!**

Made from
Heavy Duty Canvas ( 270 gsm ) - 100% Cotton

36cm x 39cm approx.