A fabulous personalised cushion for your 'Wondermum', perfect as a gift for Mother's Day. 

'Reserved for XXX XXX a.k.a Wondermum - even superheroes need a break'

A beautifully hand finished cushion for the superhero in your home - from sitting up all night with you when you were ill, to driving you to all of your after-school activities and making the very best roast dinner every sunday for you - it's time to give her the recognition she deserves and crown her 'wondermum' this year.

This stylish cushion is available in three different finishes - pink glitter, black velvet and gold foil.

She can place it in her favourite chair and enjoy putting her feet up and enjoying a cuppa after a busy day.

Each one is beautiful and is sure to earn you top marks!

Can be personalised for Dad or Grandad, please contact us for custom requests.