A fun and quirky personalised 'Time Out Corner' teacher phone stand for your childs favourite teacher.

Add a humourous twist to this years end of term teacher gift with a 'time out corner' phone stand for them to set their phone aside on while teaching the class.

Sure to make them smile, this phone stand is designed to resemble a chalkboard upon which a personalised message is inscribed, 'Time Out Corner for Mrs/Mr XXX phone - Thank you for taking the time to teach me' along with your childs name and class.

Easy to assemble - The phone stand comes in two flat pieces, the main body which is personalised and a transparent piece that slots into it to stand it upright.

Available in yellow, pink, blue or orange accents.

Coated mdf and clear perspex

Universal Size W 7.5cm x L 15 cm . (Will fit all phones)